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Everything is going well down in cali….. lets be honest how could it not be.

Dirt bike is in the shop getting a new clutch in…. so should be back out riding soon.

Tried out the new Red Bull series they are doing. Still need to have cherry so will give a full summary apon completion.


Got the best t-shirt ever! !!!


Nothing else exciting has been going on.



20130225_175647Mexican Pepsi is good!




Peter, tisk tisk

20130218_205920Barry’s Awesome B-Day Cake made by Karlee

20130226_162203Watching the Walsh kids at the BMX Track

20130226_162208Cool Track!

20130222_151727Awesome Van!

20130204_122003Riding in Santa Barbra

20130211_104304Adam prepping his new 500cc Beast

20130220_190000Ripped a part the Husaberg trying to rid it of all problems

Dirt Biking with Adam Morka

All for now



Lots of fun happening in Cali,


Amazon is dangerous but it makes us feel like it is Christmas,





Another Nordiques hat





Went to Supercross in Anaheim it was sweet, they had this awesome new wall feature,





Karlee drew me this super fat panda, I think she is calling me fat





Got new Dakar Inspired tire for the dirt bike some Perelli Scorpion Rally’s





an incredible California view! two deers ran passed me after taking this photo, I had just put my camera away.





a sweet ride!





and of course some new dirt bike videos from the last week or so!






Check back soon as Adam Morka is in town and there may be lots of dirt bike fun to come!






Made it down to cali for the winter here are some photos and videos of what has been happening,

Cut my foot on my dirt bike





Packed a lot of Bikes





Wrapped the dirt bike to protect it from the elements, 3000 kms later





Went for an awesome dirt bike ride with Adam Morka





Videos of the dirt biking







Had an awesome post Dirt Bike Milkshake from In ‘n’ Out





Went for a really tough single speed ride in California




All for now,





Been over at running the blog so i have been horrible at updating this. so get ready for everything that has happened in the last two months(peter hates posts like this)

Check out all these awesome photos!

Went Surfing with the WildCat and Karlee (Photo Peter G)

Had some Grom (Photo: Peter G)

Walked on the Beech (Photo: G-love)

Rode a Bike (Photo: Katie Homes)

Dinner Party

Braaping a sweet scooter! (Photo: Sanchez)


Char Char Batty making crazy drinks(stolen from the facebook)

Had an awesome two months with awesome people, thanks to every one for the memories!

Here are more photos!!!!!

You can Scroll with the arrows located in the bottom corners (ATTN: Cory H)





Woke up ate some sweet bacon and eggs!


Then Peter, Scott, And I went out to do some sprinting training. Lots of road games were play and fun was had by all.

Made some energy with my legs.



Then we Headed down to LA to watch some AMA Supercross at Dodger’s Stadium! Awesome racing lots of noise….. good times….



Peter and I went to Lululemon’s free yoga class in Santa Barbra, Poached the front row and rocked it!