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Cool Costa Rica Cars


Well I’m back home in the cold, miss the sun and the pool.


Here are some photos of some cool cars that we don’t get in Canada. Manly trucks and vans, they are all diesel and I love that.




Hello all

Here is what has been going on this week,


Did some Kayaking



Found a Hermit Crab



Took some silly photos


Rode to the top of a mountain



Meet a new K-9 Friend



Sam almost caught a fish, unfortunate weather and there wasn’t much to catch. Saw a dolphin which was sweet!




The current weather out side is not so great



So we have been watching lots of CSI




Just got back from an epic two day trip to Tamarindo.

we left yesterday morning and rode for 3 hours on dirt roads through the mountains to get there.

Surfed all after noon then went out and got some food, had a massive burger!

got up early this morning and surfed again till lunch.

then during the hot part of the day we headed back.

let the photos below better explain the expedition.




Hello all,

Been a busy last few days. Lots of Swimming, biking, tanning, eating, napping, snorkeling and lots of other stuff.


check out the gallery below:




We have also been hanging out with Hector who looks exactly like Valentino Rossi





Tomorrow we are going out fishing which is going to be awesome! hopefully everything I have learned from watching river monsters will pay off.

That is all for now, more to come in the following days.



On the plane, next stop Atlanta.

Looking forward to three weeks in warm tropical weather.