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20130225_175647Mexican Pepsi is good!




Peter, tisk tisk

20130218_205920Barry’s Awesome B-Day Cake made by Karlee

20130226_162203Watching the Walsh kids at the BMX Track

20130226_162208Cool Track!

20130222_151727Awesome Van!

20130204_122003Riding in Santa Barbra

20130211_104304Adam prepping his new 500cc Beast

20130220_190000Ripped a part the Husaberg trying to rid it of all problems

Dirt Biking with Adam Morka

All for now




Cool Costa Rica Cars


Well I’m back home in the cold, miss the sun and the pool.


Here are some photos of some cool cars that we don’t get in Canada. Manly trucks and vans, they are all diesel and I love that.